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Heume Group Corporation is a multifaceted enterprise with a core focus on financial investments within the petrochemical industry. Renowned for its diversification and strategic investments, Heume Group Corporation actively engages in the petrochemical sector by identifying and capitalizing on promising investment opportunities. Leveraging its financial expertise, the company strategically allocates resources to support and fund various petrochemical projects and ventures. Heume Group Corporation aims to foster growth and innovation within the petrochemical realm, supporting the development of infrastructure, research, and the production of essential petrochemical products. The company’s investment initiatives extend to fostering collaborations with existing petrochemical companies, startups, and research institutions, aiming to enhance technological advancements and sustainable practices in the petrochemical industry. With a commitment to responsible investment, Heume Group Corporation emphasizes environmentally conscious strategies, promoting sustainable practices while aiming for financial growth and innovation in the petrochemical sector


Attract Investment

Heume Group, a dynamic and forward-thinking company, is poised to attract investment within the oil sector. With a strategic focus on expanding its energy portfolio, the company aims to secure funding for exploration, production, and development of oil resources. Heume Group prides itself on leveraging advanced technologies and innovative approaches to maximize the potential of oil reserves, ensuring efficient extraction and production processes. The intended capital infusion will be directed towards enhancing existing operations, exploring new drilling opportunities, and investing in sustainable energy solutions within the oil industry. As the company forges ahead in its quest for investment, it prioritizes adherence to stringent environmental standards and sustainability practices, aiming to balance energy exploration with responsible environmental stewardship. Heume Group envisions establishing strategic partnerships and initiatives to not only attract investment but also to contribute to the growth and progress of the oil sector while embracing eco-friendly practices and technology advancements.


heume group it has established itself as a leading force in the exploration, production, and distribution of crude oil and natural gas. With a global presence, heume group engages in various facets of the energy sector, encompassing upstream and downstream activities, refining, marketing, and distributing petroleum-based products. Its operations include drilling and production from oil fields, refining crude oil into usable products, and delivering these resources to consumers worldwide. Committed to sustainable energy solutions, Heume group continually invests in research and development, aiming to innovate and diversify its energy portfolio by exploring alternative sources while maintaining a significant focus on conventional hydrocarbon extraction. The company’s wide-ranging efforts also extend to initiatives promoting environmental responsibility and community development, emphasizing a balanced approach between energy production and environmental stewardship.

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 This company operating within the realms of finance and the petroleum industry, our enterprise focuses on enhancing financial investments and petroleum projects. With over a decade of experience in these sectors, our company is headquartered in Turkey but operates on an international scale. Leveraging our commercial prowess in international markets, we devise strategies aimed at advancing efficiency and optimization within the oil industry and financial markets, fostering progression in these pivotal sectors.

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